15 Apps Like Panda Helper in 2022 [No Jailbreak Required]

Wondering if there are more apps like Panda Helper that can aid you in installing cracked, paid, or hacked apps for free without jailbreaking your phone. Then you are at the right place. Here, I have listed down ten fascinating apps that you can use in place of Panda Helper. Let’s dive right into it.


Best Apps Like Panda Helper 2022

I am sure all this while Panda Helper has been working excellently for you. But you should definitely give the below list of apps that are like the Panda Helper a shot too! Presenting to you the top 10 Apps like Panda Helper app-:

1. TweakBox App

Apart from being highly adaptable, the TweakBox app can be used on both our iOS and Android phones. Boasting of high download speeds, the TweakBox app is the best alternative for the Panda Helper app according to me.

You could also find a huge range of emulators in this app. The app is very safe, thanks to the frequent updates and check-ups it goes through. Go for this app if you want to move away from Panda Helper; this app won’t let you down.

2. Sileo

Sileo an efficient third-party app that you can use as a perfect replacement for Panda helper if you are on an iOS platform, as it does not work for Android users. Being able to work even on a 64-bit device, it supports a wide range of iOS software’s like-11,12,23 and 14.

The best feature of this app is that it has built-in jailbreakers like Chimera, Fugu, Odyssey, and Electra. If you can’t find a modded app in any other app store, then you must install Sileo right away, as there is a hundred percent chance you can find it here. Sileo is surely one of the exact apps like Panda Helper.

3. AC market

the AC Market app is very handy and user-friendly; its interface is very similar to the google play store. The only drawback of this is that no iOS apps are available here. Apart from that, numerous modded apps and games which are very similar to each other are available here, which keeps you stuck to this app.

If you are thinking twice about changing from Panda Helper to any other one, let me tell you this, AC market is one of the best apps like Panda Helper. Not only do you get broken, paid apps for free, but you can also install apps that you use daily from here.

4. Zeus app

Though this app is quite new, it has recently become very famous for its best screen recorders and legacy jailbreakers. Aside from being accessible to only iOS users, this app is convenient and user-friendly. It is a free signing service that keeps customer security and privacy as their top priority by enabling an end-to-end encryption policy. The only setback is that android users cannot enjoy this app.

5. CokerNutx

Unlike the Zeus app though the CockerNutx is new in the game, it isn’t popular among folks as much as it should be. The wide range of apps that are available here don’t even require jailbrake or an Apple id to be installed. Having a very adaptable interface is sometimes considered better than the Panda Helper app. Not having to spend anything on this app for the games, it is one of the go-to apps for all gamers.

6. AppValley

Appvalley provides this wonderful dark mode feature to amplify your experience with it. You can come across innumerable tweaked and paid apps for free here. Rest assured that all the apps are in their latest version. This app makes it super comfy to use the applications and stay on top of your game at all times.

Many daily usage apps like YouTube, Spotify, and WhatsApp in their modded form can be easily downloaded from here. Unlike most app stores, this cannot be used on iOS devices, making this its only disadvantage.

7. Asterix Installer

If you want an app that helps you install broken apps without having to jailbreak your phone, then Asterix Installer is the one for you. The fascinating part about this app is that it helps you custom-make your app with a wide range of themes that are absolutely for free. Though this app is used more commonly by iOS users, it is available even for android users. Interestingly it even considers the customer reviews before any kind of modifications or updates.

8. Hipstore

Being compatible with iOS, Android, and a PC, this application is very safe and is very serious about its customer security. You can even use it in iOS versions 12 and 13 with great ease. Over a million apps are available in this app store for free, and you don’t even have to jailbreak your phone to use them.

All iOS users have a beautiful feature that they can use, i.e., every time you download any software from here, you will get gems. These can be used as currency for unlocking cards, premium features, and upgrading some game objects.

9. 25 pp

Except for the fact that you will have to jailbreak your device to install 25 pp, this is one power-packed app. Once the jailbreaking part is done, this app is very user-friendly and gives you access to the latest versions of everything. Do note that being a Chinese app, the default language is set to Chinese in this app. So, make sure to change it to English before you start using it.

10. Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer is designed for devices that have not been jailbroken. It is only compatible with iOS devices and has wonderful features. More importantly, you don’t need Wi-Fi to run this app. Additionally, this app can be downloaded in 5 different languages, and I feel you should right away install it and give it a try!

Top 15 Alternatives To Panda Helper

Therefore, now that we have come to an end, let me run you through the top 15 apps that are like the Panda helper app and their respective links. The list is as follows:-

  1. TweakBox App
  2. Sileo
  3. AC market
  4. Zeus app
  5. CokerNutx
  6. AppValley
  7. Asterix Installer
  8. Hipstore
  9. 25 pp
  10. Mojo Installer
  11. Emus4u
  12. ZestiaStep
  13. iPABOX
  14. vShare
  15. AppCake

Final Words

The top apps like Panda Helper have been mentioned in this post. So, it’s worth your try! All the above-mentioned apps are third-party apps that are quite famous and have innumerable apps in them. Maybe after using these, you will end up leaving the original app store. I hope you found this article informative and that it helped you if you have any queries feel free to leave them down in the comments section below. Thank you!

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