15 Apps Like Tweakbox: Best Alternatives in 2022

Wondering if there are more Apps Like Tweakbox that can aid you in installing cracked, paid or hacked apps for free on your Apple device. Then you are at the right place. Here, I have listed down 15 fascinating apps that you can use in place of the TweakBox. Not only have I listed apps that require jailbreaking of your phone. You can also find some apps which do not require any kind of jailbreaking. Let’s dive right into it.


Best Apps Like TweakBox 2022

The top 10 apps that you can use in place of the TweakBox can be found here-:

1. AC market

The interface is very similar to the google play store. The AC Market app is very handy and user-friendly. The only drawback of this is that no iOS apps are available here. Apart from that, numerous modded apps and games which are very similar to each other are available here, which keeps you stuck to this app. You have broken, paid apps for free, and you can also install apps you use daily from here.

2. TuTuBox

Many iOS users consider the TuTuBox app the best alternative for the Apple app store. Though you won’t find all the apps that you can find on the TweakBox, you can get free emulators for all of your Apple devices. Not only can we use this app for jailbroken devices, but also for non-jailbroken devices.

Most importantly, searching for your required application in the tonnes of apps available in this app is very hassle-free and easy. Additionally, though this app has a VIP version where you have to pay $8.99 per month, the free version is very satisfactory apart from possible revokes by Apple.

3. AppValley

Appvalley provides this wonderful feature of dark mode to amplify your experience with it. You can come across innumerable tweaked and paid apps for free here. Rest assured that all the apps are in their latest version. This app makes it super comfy to use the applications and stay on top of your game at all times.

Many daily usage apps like YouTube, Spotify, WhatsApp in their modded form can be easily acquired here. Unlike most app stores, this one cannot be used on iOS devices, making this its only disadvantage.

4. Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer is designed for devices that have not been jailbroken. It is only compatible with iOS devices and has wonderful features. More importantly, you don’t need Wi-Fi to run this app. Additionally, this app can be downloaded in 5 different languages, and I feel you should install it right away and give it a try!

5. Panda Helper

A new entry on this list, but one of the best alternatives of TweakBox you can get. The best feature about this app is that you don’t have to jailbreak your phone to use any of the apps from it or to use the Panda Helper app. Quite interestingly, not only can you find modded apps but also games of different genres and categories.

You can also get your hands on a wide range of modded social media apps. Apart from the occasional interruption with the advertisements, the free version of the Panda Helper app is super great and efficient.

6. CokerNutx

Unlike the Zeus app, though the CockerNutx is new in the game, it isn’t popular among folks as much as it should be. The wide range of apps available here don’t even require jailbreaking or an Apple id to be installed. Having a very adaptable interface is sometimes considered better than the TweakBox app. Not having to spend anything on this app for the games, it is one of the go-to apps for all gamers.

7. Hipstore

Being compatible with iOS, Android, and a PC, this application is very safe and is very serious about its customer security. You can even use it in iOS versions 12 and 13 with great ease. Over a million apps are available in this app store for free, and you don’t even have to jailbreak your phone to use them.

All iOS users have a beautiful feature that they can use, i.e., every time you download any software from here, you get some gems. These can be used as currency for unlocking cards, premium features, and upgrading some game objects.

8. Zestia Step

The one thing that makes all iPhone users love Zestia Step is the fact that this app is constantly updating itself. It consists of numerous apps, and by any chance, if you download any of these apps and your Apple device gets revoked. Zestia Step will step up and solve the issue within minutes. I am sure you will love downloading your apps from the Zestia Step.

9. Cydia

One of the very first alternative app stores that have ever come out is the Cydia. Unlike many apps mentioned above, to use Cydia, you will have to jailbreak your device. Even if you don’t have a gaming system, you will be able to enjoy a complete gaming environment with this app, as all the gaming consoles can be downloaded from here. Most importantly, it works efficiently on any device which has iOS version 3 or above.

10. Ignition App

Providing ultra-fast app delivery of up to 10 Gbps and an extremely user-friendly interface, the Ignition App gets a unique position in this list. Not only can you download great games from its huge array of gaming apps, but you can also download utility tools that enable you to get firm control of your phone.

The 24/7 customer support helps you get through any issue within no time. Additionally, you can also get in touch with them if you want an app that’s not there in their list of applications.

Top 15 Tweakbox Alternatives You Must Try

Apart from the top 10 apps that are mentioned above, you can check out some additional apps in the list here-:

  1. AC Market
  2. TuTuBox 
  3. AppValley
  4. CokerNutx
  5. Cydia
  6. Zestia Step
  7. Panda Helper
  8. Hipstore
  9. Mojo Installer
  10. Appdb
  11. TopStore
  12. AltStore
  13. iOS Haven
  14. EonHub App
  15. Ignition app


The top 15 applications which can replace the Tweak Box app on your device are mentioned above. I have also included apps that require no jailbreaking so you can use them without having to jailbreak your device or worry about your device’s warranty,

Most importantly, they are all free and do not require you to compromise your identity by revealing your Apple ID. Do let me know which app you found most useful. If you have any queries or problems, leave them down in the comments section below. Thank you. Happy gaming!

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