About Us

At Mplatco.com we aim to get you with every Trendy information and News making circulation on the Internet. Know about the latest technology tips and tricks, Entertainment News, Finance and Sports happenings and a lot more. Our Main Idea is to help you with everything related to Technology. And therefore our categories include;
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Latest Trends
  • Internet
  • Online Games
  • and more
We pick up common queries around these topics and bring you the best answers. Apart from this, our guides will also help you become aware of various schemes and programs offered by the government.


Mplatco Team

Our team has a total of 12 people which includes, Content writers, editors, graphic designer, Webmaster and a marketing manager. The content is checked and edited before getting live on the site and this is what makes us credible compared to other random websites and blogs on the internet.

Is Mplatco Free?

We believe in right to free information and therefore every content/guide or article that you find on our site will be freely accessible. You will never be asked for any subscription fee. The site, however, contains ads placed by Advertisers via Google AdSense.

How to Contact Us

You can contact anyone on our team via the contact us page. We usually reply within 48 hours. You can drop your questions, suggestions or queries in the contact form. We are always happy to help.