How to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen of Death Issue?

It’s more charming to sit in front of the TV on a bigger screen. It adds more visual shading and detail to the picture. The Samsung TV Black Screen of Death, then again, can at times keep material from being shown on the screen. Accordingly, the TV screen goes dark, however, the sound remains parts on. The savvy television screen goes dark in the light of the fact that the link area might be slack. There is no should be worried about this issue since it very well may be effectively settled.

A Black Screen of Death shows up on a Samsung TV when the wellspring of the info can’t communicate information to the TV. A flawed information source or a gadget glitch, in any case, could be to be faulted. Because of this, most clients believe that this is an unsolvable issue. Along these lines, to fix the screen demise issue on Samsung TVs, adhere to the directions referenced in this article.


What is Samsung TV Black Screen of Death?

The dark screen of death is a problem in which the screen darkens yet the sound, as well as other capacities, continue to function. Furthermore, the state of the showcase isn’t producing the expected results due to a technical or equipment fault.

Several factors can cause your Samsung TV to display a dark screen of death. The dark screen also indicates that the bright television has been turned off.

You can tell the problem is a death screen. The television has sound but no pictures. Check to see if the power drive is turned on. If the television screen is still dark but there is no light, there could be a problem with the power supply.

Ascertain that the TV is receiving the proper voltage. Here are a few points to consider if you’ve encountered the demise screen issue:

1. Causes of Black Screen of Death on Samsung Smart TV

  1. Incorrect Cable Connection: It’s possible that the shoot at the HDMI port isn’t as expected when it comes to connecting the TV to the bright center point. Free HDMI, for example, isn’t the only offender. Regardless, problems with the power supply, ethernet, or another connectivity such as a DVD player can occur.
  2. Corrupted Source: How should the television obtain the source to show on the screen if the source is having problems? Check to see if the link box, as well as the clever center, can pull off this miscalculation.
  3. Problem with Information Setting: It’s possible that a poor person messed up the input settings. In either event, the inconsistency could result in a dark screen issue. To analyze the problem, further develop the TV settings. Obsolete Firmware: When the presentation settings in the firmware are out of the current, the issue may occur. As a result, to address this issue, framework programming should be based on dates.
  4. Power Saver mode/Sleep Timer: The TV sleeps for a short period. Furthermore, the fundamental purpose of the smart TV is to conserve energy. As a result, the television screen is turned off or there are power disruptions. Consider turning down the force effective settings on your smart TV. The shoot at the showcase could be broken, or the TV’s motherboard could be cut off. The dark screen of death on a Samsung TV, for example, is caused by a problem with the equipment, such as the LCD, board, or chips.

How to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen of Death Issue?

However, you have to follow the instructions serial wise and not all the methods are compulsory to follow.

1. Connect the Cables Properly

Ascertain that all of the external links are properly connected to the dazzling TV and clever center. In any case, if the link is free or at least tangentially related. Then, suitably associate it, which can lead to the resolution of the dark screen of death problem. Each link should be firmly inserted and perfectly positioned. Regardless, the info link isn’t the only thing that’s causing the problem. The power source connection is also the primary motivation for witnessing the screen’s demise.

The simplest technique for resolving the problem is to cautiously plug the link. From there, you must double-check that each of the connections is correctly linked. Samsung brilliant TVs include an inherent component that checks and confirms the link association to accomplish this.

Select Settings > Support > Device Care > Self Diagnosis > Signal Information from the drop-down menu. In the sign history, look for the association’s report. Replacing a few links that aren’t giving the right signals is a good idea.

2. Use Power Management Devices

In some circumstances, the television does not get the proper voltage or power measurement. To use the smart TV, the voltage must be changed. A dark screen of death appears on the savvy TV if the voltage is unusually low or high.

Whatever the case may be, you must deal with the voltage. The voltage on the smart TV can be adjusted by board gadgets such as Voltguard or UPS. To avoid this problem, we recommend installing a power the board device in your home.

3. Verify the Input Source

If the link associations are perfect, this indicates that there is a problem with the information source. Regardless, the information source may not be operational. You can easily determine whether or not the information source is polluted.

You could also look into where the screen of death is coming from. Interfacing on the dazzling center, DVD, or any OTA administration are all possibilities.

When you notice a screen failure, make sure to double-check the source. Occasionally, support may be unavailable right now. In any case, contact customer service for extra assistance with the information source issue.

4. Set TV Input Correctly

Nowadays, savvy television broadcasts a variety of highlights. Similarly, the pieces work in conjunction with the settings. The dark screen on your Samsung TV could be caused by an incorrect source setup.

To resolve this problem, make sure that all of the settings are correct. To do so, you’ll need a Samsung TV remote control. Follow the following instructions without fail from that point forward:

  1. On the remote, press the External Power Source button.
  2. Go to Input Settings and make sure that all of the TV inputs are turned on.
  3. Make sure that all of the information source settings are correct.
  4. Save the changes and then double-check to see if the problem persists.

5. Turn off Sleep Timer/Power Saver Mode

When there is a need to conserve energy when using electrical equipment. You probably put the smart TV on a timer or put it in power-saving mode. In addition, the component enables you to shut down the foundation application on the wonderful TV.

Whatever the case may be if your magnificent television has been set to sleep mode or power-saving mode. This means that turning off these features may help you resolve the Black screen of death problem.

To wind down the rest clock and power saver mode individually, follow these steps:

  1. To access the menu, press the “Home” button on the TV remote.
  2. Go to Settings and then to Time.
  3. Choose Sleep Timer and then turn it off.

On the other hand, here are the instructions for turning off the Power Saver mode:

  1. To access the menu, use your remote.
  2. Go to the Settings menu and select Energy Saving Mode.
  3. Choose Off from the list of options.

When you turn off the two elements on your smart TV, this is a great time to see if the error still exists. However, if you run into this problem again, try a different approach.

6. Update your Smart TV

The cause of the Samsung TV’s dark screen of death issue is an out-of-date presentation setting on the firmware. However, following the framework upgrade, you can without much of a stretch improve the presentation setting of your great TV.

The visual substance is hidden behind the gloomy screen of death. As a result, the majority of customers are perplexed and uncomfortable while performing the firmware upgrade.

There are several methods for updating the firmware on Samsung televisions. If the dark screen is temporary and only appears once in a while. After that, you should be able to play out the update from the setting without difficulty.

Go to Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now to do so. The firmware refreshing cycle begins after a time. During the cycle, the astute TV can reboot on its own.

However, if the problem persists, you’ll need to reinstall the framework from USB. The two approaches of revamping framework programming are straightforward.

7. Factory Reset your Smart TV

If your amazing TV is already exceptional, but you’re still getting the error. Regardless, you will need to the industrial facility to reset your Smart TV in this circumstance. It will undoubtedly resolve the issue with your Smart TV’s black screen. Make an effort to keep track of your clients’ information.

Furthermore, the resetting of the manufacturing facility removes everything from the brilliant TV. As a result, your television’s settings are returned to factory defaults. To do so, follow the instructions to factory reset your Samsung TV.

  1. Navigate to Settings using the television remote.
  2. Choose Support, then Self Diagnosis.
  3. Choose Reset and then enter as the Security Pin.
  4. Then, to agree with the resetting system, click Yes and follow the on-screen instructions.

After the resetting of the production line is completed, you must set up the television. Make an effort to properly arrange everything on the table. As a result, there’s a lower chance of making a mistake on a well-set-up television.

Assume you need to reestablish your client information on the high-definition television. After that, connect the amazing TV to your Samsung account. This will naturally restore all of the data from the previous reinforcement.

8. Visit for Technical Support

Unfortunately, none of the approaches to solve the Samsung TV’s dark screen of death issue worked for you. There could be damage to the showcase or other equipment. Check to see if the magnificent TV has been harmed in any way. If there is one, it is the source of the problem. Regardless, there may be no indication of external injury. All things considered, the great TV may do internal harm.

Damage to hardware can now be easily repaired. To repair your shattered magnificent TV, you should seek professional assistance. If your smart TV is still under guarantee, the Samsung customer service will not charge you for the repair. As a result, you must contact Samsung consumer support for repair requests.


The Samsung Tv’s dark screen of death problem is a display problem. It occurs as a result of a faulty link or equipment. Regardless, you can surely resolve this issue by precisely integrating the URLs within the ports. Changing the information source and properly set all of the highlights can also help to avoid this problem. If you want your television to function better, disable all of the power-saving features.

The excellent setting also helps to reduce the chances of getting a dark screen. Attempt to update your smart TV regularly in this manner. To return the television to its default settings, you can simulate an industrial facility reset.

Finally, you should go to the store for regular Smart TV support. In addition, there is a frequently asked question by clients on the subject.

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