How to Restart Android Without Power Button?

It’s relatively rare for your phone’s hardware to not break after a few years, whether it’s the power button, the volume rocker, or even the charging port itself. In some instances, it may be challenging to power down or reset your smartphone. If your power button is not working correctly, then don’t worry there are numerous methods to restart Android without the power button.

In this article, we will teach you 5 ways to restart Android without a power button.


How to Restart Android Without Power Button?

Nowadays, the majority of our smartphones include a fingerprint scanner or FaceID. It is always encouraged to unlock your phone using this approach to keep your hardware power button secure in the long run. Enable features such as Raise to wake and Double-tap to sleep/wake to avoid using the power button virtually entirely.

But if you are reading this article possibility is that your power button is already not working therefore, Here are the five easy techniques that you may use to turn on your mobile phone without using the power button:

1. Connect the Phone to a Charger

When your phone’s battery goes out, this is the most well-known and effective way. Most of the time, you simply forget to check your battery condition, and when you do, your phone is practically switched off. Along these lines, plugging your phone into a charger will gradually charge the battery, allowing the phone to wake up from sleep mode and restart in no time.

2. Using Recovery Mode

If the power button is broken or damaged, this is another basic and practical option for restarting the phone without using the power button.

  • What you want to do is raise the phone’s boot menu or the well-known recovery mode.
  • This can be achieved by pressing a few shortcut keys on the phone.
  • This strategy only works on Android devices and requires that your Android phone be switched off.
  • Simply connect your USB wire and continue to hold down the volume down/volume up keys to enter recovery mode.
  • When the selections display here, just tap exit to reset the device.

3. Use Double Tap To Wake The Screen

This will wake up the device and restart the working framework. Just follow the given steps-

  • On your smartphone, go to the “Settings” menu and tap once.
  • Select “Advanced Features” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “Motions & Gestures” tab now.
  • Then tap the “Toggle to Enable Double-tap to Sleep” button.
  • The “Double Tap to Sleep” function on your phone has now been enabled.

With this in mind, if your phone is equipped to use this feature, you can easily turn it on without touching the power button. In addition, most mobile phones with double-tap functionality also include a “double-tap to wake up” highlight.

Similarly, you can use the “double-tap to rest” and “double-tap to wake up” features of your phone. Tap twice to take a break, then tap twice to wake up and your smartphone will restart. You can also repeat your business as many times as you like and schedule a cycle to run that day. You can also turn the phone “on” by selecting the desired date and time.

4. Use Scheduled Power ON/OFF Feature

You can reserve the power on/off to restart the phone without pressing the power button.

If the power button is broken or the previous method doesn’t work, basically go to the Settings tab and open the tab. Then go to the Schedule On / Off selection and change it to On. You can now select any time to turn off the phone by setting the “Power Off” time in the comparison menu.

5. Remap Power Button

With the arrival of the Android era, Android is by far the most famous and versatile working framework in the world. Certain applications help to restart Android without touching the power button. There are also immense special applications that simply switch smartphones in the Google Play store.

The power button to volume button is one of the best applications to open on Google Play for this reason. You can launch this application on your mobile phone and try turning it on without touching the power button.

6. Locate a Phone Repair Service

The next step, last but not least, is to secure the phone. After all, all mobile clients need a power button on their phones to function properly. Second, appointing a specialist or mechanic is a long-term and permanent answer to the problem, especially if the power button is damaged.

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We hope you find a good way to restart your Android phone without tapping the power button here. Assuming the power button is lethargic, it’s still a good idea to get another Android phone. We are convinced that these solutions will come in beneficial in several instances. Now that you know how to restart an Android phone without pushing the power button, you can easily make the most of your smartphone without any difficulty.

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