How to Disable Nvidia Geforce Experience?

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you must have come across GeForce Experience. Even though GeForce Experience works well for most people, some people have issues with it when it comes to managing their graphics drivers. Switching off GeForce Experience may be the best option if you’ve had issues with crashes or incorrectly installed graphics drivers. Don’t worry; you can still manage your graphics drivers manually even if you disable this feature. In this post, we will share some methods to Disable Geforce Experience.



In addition to automatically updating your driver, GeForce Experience improves your game settings, personalizes your gameplay with freestyle gaming filters, and a host of other features. It also ensures that your live streams will be recorded and shared.

The Nvidia GeForce Experience has received a mixed response from gamers for a long time. Some gamers find it useful, while others find it useless. GeForce Experience, on the other hand, has proven to be the most versatile GPU management tool. GeForce Experience can be downloaded for free from Nvidia’s website if your PC has an Nvidia graphics card.

The GeForce Experience program, on the other hand, may cause your computer to malfunction. If this happens, please get in touch with us. If you don’t want to use the software, you can simply turn it off. Learn more about it by reading to the end.

How to Disable Geforce Experience?

According to the previous statement, the Nvidia GeForce Experience is included in the Nvidia driver, as stated. You can also use it to tweak your graphics driver or play games. On the other hand, some gamers think it’s a waste of time and money. If you don’t want it installed with the software driver on your computer, you can do so.

There are many ways to get rid of it if it has been installed on your computer and is causing you problems. And here, we’ll go over each of these methods in detail.

1. Startup Configuration

When you turn on your computer, the application begins to run automatically. GeForce Experience, on the other hand, can be disabled when you turn on your computer. Simply follow the steps outlined below to get started.

1. To open Task Manager, type “task manager” in the search box. On the taskbar, you can select Task Manager by right-clicking and selecting from the resulting drop-down menu.

2. Open Task Manager and click on the ‘Startup’ tab to proceed.

3. Please scroll down until you see “Nvidia GeForce Experience” in the list.

4. Right-click the program as shown in the image to make it visible. Drop-down menu: select Disable.

5. Restart your computer to see if the problem has been resolved.

Keep in mind that performing the following actions will only temporarily disable the software, not remove it entirely. Using this method will also prevent the program from running every time you turn on your computer. GeForce Experience can no longer be used unless the software is manually started.

2. By Uninstalling GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience can be deactivated by uninstalling GeForce Experience. The Startup list also does not always show all of the GeForce applications. Even if you have the GeForce Experience software installed, your PC will be ineffective if it doesn’t have high-end hardware specifications. It is, therefore, best to remove the software from your computer.

To get started, simply follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Start menu to get started.

2. Go to the search bar and type Add/Remove Programs.

3. You can start the program by clicking on it.

4. What you need is the Nvidia GeForce Experience.

5. Then select Uninstall.

The following instructions will help you remove the software from your computer. As far as graphics card performance is concerned, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Uninstalling the GeForce Experience will not affect it.

3. Configuration: Disable From Service

GeForce Experience is designed to cater to gamers’ requirements. It also enhances the performance of video games. For those who don’t play games, the application isn’t necessary. As a result, you should disable the GeForce Experience on your computer.

1. To begin, select Run from the Start menu.

2. Type ‘Service.msc’ into the Run box and press Enter.

3. The NVIDIA Display Container LS can be found in the Service window.

4. Once you’ve found the program, right-click it and select Properties from the menu.

5. Choose “Disabled” from the Startup Type drop-down menu.

6. Apply after you’ve done that by clicking on OK.

7. Restarting your computer will save the changes you’ve made.

With this method, you can also disable the graphics card driver. However, it will not affect the performance of your device in any way, shape, or form. If you want to restore the default settings, change the Startup Type to Automatic and click the Apply tab to save the changes.


Finally, we’ve covered every method of getting rid of GeForce Experience. If you have only a basic knowledge of computers, There is no need to be concerned; simply follow the directions provided here. We’re confident that you won’t have any issues with our service.

To avoid putting your computer at risk of infection with viruses and malware, you should avoid installing drivers from sources other than Nvidia’s website. If you want to use GeForce Experience again, you can reinstall it from the Nvidia website.

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