Call Of Duty Mobile Hacks: Get Aimbot and Wallhack [2022]

A Call of Duty Mobile Hack is any process, evaluation, strategy, app, software, device, or other means for Call of Duty Mobile gamers to obtain unfair advantages, cheat, and obtain quite free CoD Pts, CP, Credits / Money / Cash, Weapon unlocks, free Skins, in-app purchases, and other benefits. While many other cheating techniques work, infinite free Credits (money) or free CoD Points (CP) Hacks and Generators do not exist and are always frauds. Call of Duty is an online multiplayer game developed by Activision and Tencent Games, and implementing Call of Duty Mobile hacks without the use of well-established scripts is difficult. COD Mobile Hack Scripts are created by unknown programmers, and you can use them to enjoy the game’s cheats.

In the field of PC games, Call of Duty is the most well-known and popular battle royale game, with millions of fans. COD is a new mobile game that is available for both iOS and Android users. COD Mobile was developed by Timi Studios and released by Activision on October 1st, and players began using hacks within a few days.

I will not advise you to employ hacks, but it is your decision. If you want to use COD Mobile hacks, you must first understand what COD Mobile hacks are available.


What is Call of Duty Mobile Hacks?

This game has hacks that may be used on both Android and iOS mobile devices. While Call of duty mobile hacks is easier to locate on Android in the form of APK mods, iOS modded game apps are also available, but they are a little more difficult to find, download, and utilize.

Auto aiming bots (aimbots), Wallhacks / ESPs, No Spread, No Recoil, Unlimited Ammo, free Score Streaks, Skin Hacks, Ability cooldown, no flash, and a variety of other trainer settings may be possible depending on your version of the game and whatever cheats have been patched.

Unlimited CoD Points (CP), Credits, all Unlocks, max Level, and working God Mode tools, on the other hand, are not possible and are typically human verification scams. Please use this approach to identify functioning mods and hacks for Call of Duty Mobile to keep your account safe.

Most Used Call Of Duty Mobile Hacks 2022

We’ve included some of the most common hacks accessible in the game below.

1. Aimbots

There is no doubt that the Aimbot is the best and most powerful choice available to players of Call of Duty Mobile on mobile among all the conceivable ways to obtain a competitive advantage in this game. A competent aimbot will function on any specialty/character, with any gun, ability, grenade, assault rifle, pistol, MG, MP, and even melee attacks, allowing the player to achieve more kills, score, unlock weapons faster, and get more free Credits and CoD Points (CP) from dailies, among other things.

An aimbot for Android or iOS will normally let you toggle it by holding down a custom button, after which it will automatically lock on to enemy players or mobs insight (zombie mode), and the player may either shoot manually or utilize auto-shot to automatically kill foes.

While a CoD Mobile Aimbot may be the ultimate cheating weapon with no drawbacks, this is unfortunately not the case. For one thing, both Activision and Tencent have a lot of experience banning cheaters/hackers from their online shooters and mobile games, and this game has kill cams, making aimbots extremely dangerous to use.

It, if you ever use an auto-aiming app on CoD Mobile, do so sparingly, cautiously, and with consideration for other players, or your gaming account will receive a well-deserved ban.

2. Wallhacks

This type of gadget allows you to see through walls, and it’s known as ESP / Wallhack, VAC, Radar hack, and a variety of other names. However, the function of a Call of Duty Mobile Wallhack remains the same: Advanced versions of this type of cheating program will also show you allies, explosives, grenades, scorestreaks, and other vital things in addition to highlighting enemy players with colored boxes and showing their health.

Wallhacks have long been utilized in mobile multiplayer shooters, and they’re notoriously difficult to discover and report for other players because they’re not as evident as aim assistance cheats. In Battle Royale mode, ESPs can help players find good weaponry and loot faster, allowing them to survive longer and win more rounds.

While not as successful as an aimbot in swiftly racking up a large number of kills, the wallhack has the unique and brilliant advantage of being harder to detect, making the game more enjoyable, and usually being easier to obtain.

So, if you just want to download one cheat, the Wallhack would be an excellent choice if you can find a mod menu that provides this option. Using our Download Tools, you can find workable mods.

3. Radar Hack

It is the New Call of Duty Mobile Hacks that are now available. Radar Hack can be described as a hybrid of Aimbot and Wallhacks. In the MiniMap, it will automatically pinpoint the enemies’ location. That is, you will be able to determine the location of every enemy wherever you are. Does it assist you in determining How Many Enemies are Present Near You? Then you’ll be able to kill them quietly.

It sounds too good to be true, but using Call of Duty Mobile Radar Hack is extremely dangerous because it is a brand new hack using a script that isn’t widely utilized. As a result, there are several bugs, and their Anti-cheat Program may easily detect that you are altering game data, and altering game data is considered cheating, and your account will be permanently banned. It, if you want to use it, do so through your Guest Account rather than your Account.

4. COD Mobile Unlimited Ammo Hack

You’ve been killed by other players several times due to a lack of ammo during a fight. Also, we can’t carry too much ammo in our backpacks, and you may have fantasized about a method by which you wouldn’t have to collect ammo and your gun’s ammo would never run out. Then you can use the COD Mobile Unlimited Ammo Hack to do this. This cheat will allow you to have infinite ammo while playing the game without having to collect ammo.

However, all you have to do is reload; this hack does not auto-reload, and it is also extremely dangerous to utilize. Anti-cheat software can easily detect the Unlimited Ammo Hack, and if you use it, your account will be banned. So, to use this cheat, try using the Secure Host File.

5. High Jump

High jump is a very uncommon hack in COD mobile, and it is rarely used by any hacker. The hacker who uses this hack can jump a lot farther and cover a lot more ground than a normal gamer. Hackers may quickly jump over a building’s rooftop and cross hundreds of meters in a second with this method.

However, most hackers avoid employing this hack because it is easily detected by other players and can result in a permanent account ban.

6. Magic Bullet

One of the most common hacks utilized by hackers in COD mobile is the magic bullet, often known as Auto Headshot. In COD mobile, as in every other battle royale game, hitting your enemy’s head with a bullet deals the greatest damage. In fact, with just two headshots, an enemy can be easily knocked out.

This hack is used by hackers to quickly take out their opponents. So, if you come across a player that just shoots at the head. Then go to his profile and look up his gaming ID. If you observe that his headshot rate is greater than 30%, report the ID immediately, as it is nearly difficult to have such a high proportion of headshots in a game without utilizing a suspicious file.

7. No Recoil

Finally, no recoil is a hack that most hackers choose to apply. Hackers may use rifles like the AKM, which has the biggest recoil in COD mobile, to knock enemies who are around 300-400 meters away using this hack. It’s nearly difficult to do so on a typical day.

So, if you come across a person who has knocked you out with a high recoil gun from a distance of more than 300-400 meters, report that guy right away. Even if you’re a seasoned protester, it’s hard to knock down an opponent who is nearly 300 meters away with a gun-like AKM.

How to Install Call of Duty Mobile Hack?

Install Call of Duty Hacks on your device by following the steps below. However, keep in mind that if you are found, the makers may permanently ban you from the game. The instructions outlined below are only applicable to Android devices.

  • The Call of Duty Obb pack must be downloaded first. The file is an apk file.
  • After you’ve downloaded it, use the extract option to extract the file.
  • You must then install the apk file on your device when you have finished extracting it. The hack is straightforward to install; simply save the file to your phone’s internal memory/Android/OBB folder.
  • The final step is to install the game using an apk file. After you’ve installed the game, all you have to do now is launch it, and you’ll have access to all hacks!

Consequence Of Using Call Of Duty Mobile Hack

In comparison to when the game was first released, the anti-cheat detection system in Call of Duty mobile has become quite active. It can now readily identify a player who is behaving strangely in the game. And if it is discovered that someone is utilizing an unlawful method to play the game, the anti-cheat system immediately bans that ID.

Many hackers, on the other hand, deploy anti-cheat protection hacks to keep their identities hidden. But, in reality, such things are pointless because the anti-cheat detection system will undoubtedly catch you utilizing the hack at some point.


Overall, while the majority of the downloads found when searching for CoD Mobile hack apps online will be fake and offer impossible features, legitimate, working, and updated software does exist and will be most prevalent and easy to find on Android, harder to find on iOS, and even if auto-aiming apps (headshot hacks), ESP walls, radar mods, and similar features are not currently available due to a recently released update, hotfix, or other client update, emulators can always be used.

As usual, we encourage that you use any tools with the utmost respect for the game, its developers, and your fellow players, as failing to do so will result in you being reported and banned much sooner than is necessary. To avoid all the fakes, use HackerBot to find working software from reliable and long-standing sources.

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