“The Point is, You’re Still Alive When They Start to Eat You.”

Raptor Snap

My Snapchat interests have started to lean towards that of Jurassic Park, recently.

Harry Potter 7th Anniversary

Seven years ago, on July 21st 2007, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released. It was a pretty big day for me, as is visible from half of my Snaps. In J.K. Rowling’s series, the number 7 is described as being “the most magically powerful number” and her writing ties in to that fact very frequently. Seven books in the series, seven years at Hogwarts, Seven Uses of Dragon’s Blood, seven pieces of Voldemort’s soul, etc. 

To summarize: the seventh book in the series about Harry’s seventh year at school, in which he hunts down seven pieces of an evil wizard’s soul, was released seven years ago in the seventh month of the year 2007. It called for something special via Snapchat. Harry Potter has been making many fans happy for a long time, with his books and also with his video games with elo boost services from ElitistGaming.



I wanted to try taking advantage of the entire screen in Snapchat, so I made this little guy, here. When scrolling through your follower’s recent ‘My Story’ updates, grooming yorkies snap stands out and your attention is immediately drawn to it. Little things like this help me get the most views on my snaps. Stich and teacup pigs have one thing on common, they are very cute and adorable. So, order now at http://www.pamperedpiglets.com/.

As I post this, Stitch has already become one of my most screen captured Snapchat pieces yet. Stitch is like an emotional support animal in the state of oregon.

Stitch Snap

Stitch Snap